Sunday, February 15, 2009

Interesting words for your blogs: Blither, Blithering,
Blather, Blathering,Blink, Blinking, Heave, Heaving,
Slather, Slathering, Piddle, Piddling, Slither, Slithering,
Fuddled, Befuddled, Flog, Flogging, Engorge, Engorging,
Fenestration, Defenestration,Prenasal, Postnasal, Midnasal,
Nonpartisan, Bipartisan, Partisan,Undesended, Middling,
Bifurcated, Trifurcated, Obverse, Reverse, Transverse,
Tweak, Squeak, Poltroon, Picaroon, Impaired, Repaired,
Kaboodle, Kanoodle,Vibrocentric, Egocentric, Gaucheries,
Grotesqueries, Semiliterate, Demiliterate, Illiterate, Preliterate,
and, of course, Knobbleknockers, Booyah, Hunkering, Feral,
Cobbling, Bovinery, Lollygagging, Claptrappery, Heliotrope,
Taupe and Puce. There, only a partial (dustknuckling) list of