Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scuppernong wishes,
And muscadine dreams,
And all the little fishes,
You can catch with moonbeams.
With all the being alive,
You can stand 'tween nine and five.
'Cause I love you 'Nita,
Life couldn't be sweeter.
Count Sneaky for his wife
There was a girl named Grace,
Who was more than a pretty face.
It held her back,
Changed her career track,
But, she said, "It's only a braincase!"
Lovely Minny was thin as a penny,
When she turned sideways any ninny,
Could see, there was no skinny Minny.
Two old dogs sitting in a swing,
One turns to the other and starts to sing:
"I'll tug at your collar,
I'll nip at your knees,
I'll get down and wallow,
And take all your fleas.
Let's settle down and have a litter,
'Cause I'm a pointer and you're a sitter!"
"Drink to me only with thine eyes...
and I'll finish the bottle!"