Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To say:" I love you, but I'm not ready for a commitment
yet." Try a bouquet of shrinking violets, very loosely arranged.
To say: "I love you, but that stupid cat has to go!"
Try an attractive arrangement of pussywillows with catnip.

To say: "I need my space, babe!" Try a dozen bachelor's-buttons
wrapped in tinfoil
To say: "I'm really into you. Let's get on with it!" Try a bunch of impatiens
hastily wrapped in newspaper.
To say: "Would you marry me ? I think I'm ready!" Try a spray of
jack-in-the- pulpits wrapped in white paper.

The crayfish had a ball in May,

Invited all the crustaceans in the bay,

When it was finally over,

They were all in clover,

And were made into etouffee.