Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yo, Count, as you can see I’m beginning to talk like my trucker buddies.
I guess it’s ‘cause I’m around them so much, and I’m so well known now
in trucker circles that they all love to give me a saucer of milk and talk to me.
I think I’ve become a sort of a shotgun-seat psychologist to these men
and women. Out on Interstate 39, rolling along at 70 per, next stop 350
miles away, they start to unburden themselves to me. Their love life,
their divorces, their children, their operations, their goals, their
bills, and the price of gas. Of course, being a cat, a superior creature,
it’s hard to grasp their problems and concerns, especially the price of gas.
So, every time we make a stop at the rest area, I take care of my business
And go over to the store to see if I can con them out of a saucer of milk before
my trucker comes along and buys me a can of (YUK!) evaporated milk.
At any rate, I go to the door of the restaurant and a trucker or two will come
along and let me in and I run back to the kitchen and do my act and the
cooks give me treats and then put me out the back door. Then I run around to
my truck and wait for my good buddy to come back and…
“We’re On the Road Again!”
Mercy! Strutz the Cat

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pretty Mollie met Ollie on the trolley,
Her friend Polly said, "By golly,"
"He'd be my folly, if were you, Molly!"
"But", said Molly "I date Wally."
"I'll take him!" said Polly,
Now, it's all so jolly,
Riding on the trolley'
With Polly and Wally,
Mollie and Ollie.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello again Count! I'm somewhere east of I95 and west of I45 in other words the cat is lost. But I have to say that truckers are wonderful people as humans go (No slight intended to you), and they have treated me very well. They get me saucers of milk, and even cans of food and I get to ride shotgun with them in their cabs. They talk to me as we ride along. It's a lonely job and they welcome company. I pick one at the truck stop who seems to be going the way I want to go and I wait until the driver comes out and I go up and rub his leg (see picture)...I then walk over to his truck and climb up on the running board and meow loudly. Well, they get the message, open the door and let me hop in.I sit up there looking out like I know what I'm doing. They rub my head and call me "Buddy" and we hit the road. As we are rolling down the highway, they rub my head and tell me their problems. My presence, and I am a large, handsome cat, seems to relieve the stress of piloting one of these giant ships of commerce. God bless 'em, they are a hardy, generous, group of humans and I see a truck stop coming up at a small town that looks interesting. I may have to leave my new friend Bubba behind and check it out. Oh, meant to tell you, the downtown mansion I was interested in at the last stop was a dud. Its owner was a little, old gray-haired lady who had a house full of (Yuk!) Yorkshire Terriers! So, I'm sitting here with Bubba thinking of Fluffy.
Hope to let you know how this burg works out the first the week.
Strutz the Cat

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sitting here under a moon in June,
I'm about ready to croon,
Something about a honey moon,
Then I'll up and swoon 'n try a new toon,
'Cause I'm sittin' here with a real baboon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Sir! It behooves me to reprove you
for the move you made in the Louvre!"
she said adjusting her blouse as they stepped
out into the sunlight .
"However, if again you'd like to try...
I know a lovely place in the Gardens of Versailles."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hi Count, As you can see by the attached picture above, it has been a fine week, so far. This is a picture of my amor de jour named "Fluffy" (what else?) She is a refined young lady whose tastes match mine. We have been a item for the last few days and her housekeeper (remember, we never refer to them as owners!) even let me in to eat with her and sit beside her at the fireplace. But, alas, her housekeepers left a lot to be desired in the income and accommodations departments. But, she was such a lovely lady and so susceptible to my natural charm and good looks, that I almost wavered. I'm back on the road and continuing my pursuit of the good life.

I hitched a ride with a trucker over to the next city. He apparently felt sorry for me and poured me a large saucer of milk. This burg looks a lot more promising than Fluffy's overgrown crossroads; I miss her already... that long black hair with those yellow eyes! Gad! But, I can't afford to settle down in the midst of my quest. In the morning, after a good sleep I have my eye on a fine Victorian mansion in the downtown area. The town seems to be well-stocked with some fine, furry, female felines that need the pleasure of my company. Meanwhile Count, I will e-mail the result of my pilgrimage (if any) later this week.
Strutz the Cat

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dancing towards senility,
Restores one's tranquility.
It frees the mind,
Lets the body unwind,
And promotes boogiebility.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Count, I promised you I would keep you up to date with
my search to find housekeepers who could better afford
to keep a refined cat like me in fine gourmet food, deluxe
litter boxes,and peace and quiet in a fine house with a
fireplace. As I said in the note I left on the fridge for my
last housekeepers, I'm going to search until I find one.
It ain't gonna be easy, Count! But, I have run into
some fine female felines out here who were anxious
to have me improve their gene pools and spend a day or
two with them and share their food and comforts.
However, none of their housekeepers( I laugh every
time they call themselves our owners!) were any
great improvement over my previous pair of losers.
So, I must hit the road again and continue my search
in a higher-class neighborhood.
Count, I will e-mail you again on my search.
Your old buddy, Strutz.

"The man or woman who is happy is not
he or she who is believed to be so,
but he or she,who believes they are so."
Michel De Montaigne