Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yo, Count, as you can see I’m beginning to talk like my trucker buddies.
I guess it’s ‘cause I’m around them so much, and I’m so well known now
in trucker circles that they all love to give me a saucer of milk and talk to me.
I think I’ve become a sort of a shotgun-seat psychologist to these men
and women. Out on Interstate 39, rolling along at 70 per, next stop 350
miles away, they start to unburden themselves to me. Their love life,
their divorces, their children, their operations, their goals, their
bills, and the price of gas. Of course, being a cat, a superior creature,
it’s hard to grasp their problems and concerns, especially the price of gas.
So, every time we make a stop at the rest area, I take care of my business
And go over to the store to see if I can con them out of a saucer of milk before
my trucker comes along and buys me a can of (YUK!) evaporated milk.
At any rate, I go to the door of the restaurant and a trucker or two will come
along and let me in and I run back to the kitchen and do my act and the
cooks give me treats and then put me out the back door. Then I run around to
my truck and wait for my good buddy to come back and…
“We’re On the Road Again!”
Mercy! Strutz the Cat


akantru said...

Good old trucker, Strutz! Most big rig cats just wouldn;t take the time to write.

Count Sneaky said...

Quite true! Perhaps, Strutz is hooked on getting cat stuff out there and detailing his love-life( He can't forget Fluffy!) and his big rig truckin' buddies that he loves.
He sends everything he bangs out to me because he knows it will be passed along
as it is. Notice the awkward spacing.
He hasn't learned how to control his spacing yet. He said to me the other day that he keeps his claws in and a tight paw which allows him to hit 30 per, minutes that is, words, that is.
Thanks for following the feline. Count Sneaky

Sandi McBride said...

Ah Strutz...I'll bet you're a handsome Batgirl, the Calico sends her warmest regards and offers you a seat at her table if you are ever in her neck of the woods! Also, thanks so much for the kind thoughts while I was ill and in hospital...they were much appreciated. I'm so pleased to have met you...both of you

Count Sneaky said...

Strutz here. Heard you were back and recovering well. I just want to add my
best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery. I just don't know where I am right now. We just left a truck stop named "Truckers Are Us" and barreling
along. My trucker buddy is late on his payments to his ex-wife and is very worried. I've been lying here dozing and listening to him and thinking about Fluffy and Batgirl. Well its gtting dark and I have to close my laptop. My paws are tired. Talk to you later Sandi. Strutz the Cat

alantru said...

Yes, I've heard that many cats have keyboard spacing issues.

Visiting here is a joy.

Thanks for joining in on the round robin!