Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My asters are disasters.
My lillies aren't dillies.
My daffodills hold no thrills.
I look at the gladioli and just sigh.
My wisteria has diptheria.

If it gets any worse,
It'll be the curse,
That comes down,
When a green thumb turns brown.

Count Sneaky

Bless my rusty dusty, Father,
For I have sinned,
I wet my crib after,
My diaper came unpinned.
I know I'm a lot of bother,
An' create a lot of trouble,
'Cause I just lay here,
An' goo-goo an' bubble.
But, I'll get bigger,
An' make plenty of money,
Meantine, you and mom,
Just call me Honey.
Count Sneaky