Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hi Count, As you can see by the attached picture above, it has been a fine week, so far. This is a picture of my amor de jour named "Fluffy" (what else?) She is a refined young lady whose tastes match mine. We have been a item for the last few days and her housekeeper (remember, we never refer to them as owners!) even let me in to eat with her and sit beside her at the fireplace. But, alas, her housekeepers left a lot to be desired in the income and accommodations departments. But, she was such a lovely lady and so susceptible to my natural charm and good looks, that I almost wavered. I'm back on the road and continuing my pursuit of the good life.

I hitched a ride with a trucker over to the next city. He apparently felt sorry for me and poured me a large saucer of milk. This burg looks a lot more promising than Fluffy's overgrown crossroads; I miss her already... that long black hair with those yellow eyes! Gad! But, I can't afford to settle down in the midst of my quest. In the morning, after a good sleep I have my eye on a fine Victorian mansion in the downtown area. The town seems to be well-stocked with some fine, furry, female felines that need the pleasure of my company. Meanwhile Count, I will e-mail the result of my pilgrimage (if any) later this week.
Strutz the Cat