Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Count, I promised you I would keep you up to date with
my search to find housekeepers who could better afford
to keep a refined cat like me in fine gourmet food, deluxe
litter boxes,and peace and quiet in a fine house with a
fireplace. As I said in the note I left on the fridge for my
last housekeepers, I'm going to search until I find one.
It ain't gonna be easy, Count! But, I have run into
some fine female felines out here who were anxious
to have me improve their gene pools and spend a day or
two with them and share their food and comforts.
However, none of their housekeepers( I laugh every
time they call themselves our owners!) were any
great improvement over my previous pair of losers.
So, I must hit the road again and continue my search
in a higher-class neighborhood.
Count, I will e-mail you again on my search.
Your old buddy, Strutz.

"The man or woman who is happy is not
he or she who is believed to be so,
but he or she,who believes they are so."
Michel De Montaigne