Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Count, I promised you I would keep you up to date with
my search to find housekeepers who could better afford
to keep a refined cat like me in fine gourmet food, deluxe
litter boxes,and peace and quiet in a fine house with a
fireplace. As I said in the note I left on the fridge for my
last housekeepers, I'm going to search until I find one.
It ain't gonna be easy, Count! But, I have run into
some fine female felines out here who were anxious
to have me improve their gene pools and spend a day or
two with them and share their food and comforts.
However, none of their housekeepers( I laugh every
time they call themselves our owners!) were any
great improvement over my previous pair of losers.
So, I must hit the road again and continue my search
in a higher-class neighborhood.
Count, I will e-mail you again on my search.
Your old buddy, Strutz.


Tina said...

Nice blog. Interesting subjects:)

Fran Hill said...

Presumably this is the start of a Mog Blog.

Food Meister said...

You mean my cats probably see me as a measly housekeeper? Ha! The truth comes out at last. Those little buggers are going to get a tad less chow tonight.

Pinhole said...

My cat, Gwendolyn, thinks you should lock up the brute...she's got a headache.

But, she finds your blog quite entertaining and eclectic. I must admit, I concur.

Deborah said...

Count, This is my first reading of your fine communiqué and I am intrigued. As to Strutz's post, he is absolutely correct. One does not "own" a Cat, one is merely blessed to be accompanied on one's life journal by a Cat. I do hope Strutz's journeys find him a wonderful place to call home.