Monday, April 20, 2009

Pretty Mollie met Ollie on the trolley,
Her friend Polly said, "By golly,"
"He'd be my folly, if were you, Molly!"
"But", said Molly "I date Wally."
"I'll take him!" said Polly,
Now, it's all so jolly,
Riding on the trolley'
With Polly and Wally,
Mollie and Ollie.


Fran Hill said...

Is there a screenplay of this? Bolly-wood might be interested.

Lee said...

Hi Strutz!

Please let the good Count know how much I appreciate you both visiting my good friend Sandi! I know she'll find you to be kindred spirits. I love having you two visit my blog as well! Wish I had more time and energy to read and write, but for the next two weeks I'm young enough to not be retired and still needing to work, so two jobs it is. I think they call that "playing catch up". :-) I'll write when I can.

Peace! & Safe Travels!

Being and Quirkiness said...

This one made me laugh Count! I know them all personally, except for Ollie :P

alantru said...

Great one, Count!