Friday, April 10, 2009

"Sir! It behooves me to reprove you
for the move you made in the Louvre!"
she said adjusting her blouse as they stepped
out into the sunlight .
"However, if again you'd like to try...
I know a lovely place in the Gardens of Versailles."


The Paper Aproness said...

Dear Uncle Count Sneaky,
These just keep getting better! Are you still considering a book? Or are you content putting everything on your electronic notebook?
Cordially and with wishes for a very Happy Easter, your niece, the Paper Aproness

foodhere said...

Nice behoovin...

New to your blog but enjoyed what I've read. Many thanks, I look forward to coming back for more.

Jan said...

I'd brace for the sting of a rebuke myself if a hint of tryst is in the cards. Splendid slice of life. I wish my daily life is as exciting as this.

dave hambidge said...

Your Excellency, seasonal felicitations from a small island off the north west of continental europe, as BO was informed.

I have navigated my way here from the very fine alantru's blog entitled 'sick days'.

May I commend this collection of fine literature, it is a spiffing wheeze, what?



LLnL said...

Almost sweet, but very funny.

Terry said...

Ah, wouldn't it be loverly?