Friday, March 27, 2009

Adam was not appalled,
When he experienced the fall;
For he found Eve more enthralling,
When the leaves were falling.
Joe L. Hardegree
God have mercy on the sinner,
Who tries every diet to get thinner,
And when the diet comes to an end,
Has to find another to begin!
There was a young man from York,
Who was thought of as a dork,
Until he became a winner,
When during a boring dinner,
He discovered the quark.
If I could journalize,
I wouldn't have to internalize,
All of this crap.
I could take a nap,
And then go externalize!.
The Count's Rule for Muddling Through.
Mind your own business,
Try not to meddle.
Handle it all with finesse,
Wait for the dust to settle.
Spayed and Neutered
All Shots and Tags.
Ready to go.
Delightful, amusing pets, particularly
if you live near a bridge.
Sponsored by the Society for Humane Treatment of Trolls.
If you cross a pug with a boxer what kind of dog
do you get? Answer: A dog that loses every fight.
The length of shoelaces was established by the
International Shoelace Federation in 1948 to keep the
industry from typing itself up in knots.


Fran Hill said...

Adam 'ad no sense at all
Didn't know 'e'd cause the Fall
If 'e 'ad a bite o' wot
'E could see tha' Eve 'ad got
'E should just 'ave turned away
Said to Eve: 'Call it a day'
But 'e went ahead an' scoffed
Then the 'uman race was loft

Lee said...

Good morning, Count Sneaky.

Once upon a time a good friend and I co-taught a class on Genesis. Because Eve was deceived but Adam wasn't, the question was raised, "Why did he follow her into sin?" Hardegree might have it right. We surmised that he loved her so much he didn't want to live without her.

Re: Science Fiction, Dick's quite good. I read his stuff many years ago. If memory serves the first was "The Stainless Steel Rat". As I read more into the whole genre I discovered a love of fantasy that hardcore SciFi lacks, although not if you read Tolkien, Lewis, and the like. Nice to know your grandkids are into that sort of thing. It kept me reading far better than the biographies and mysteries written for young folk back then.

Always delighted when you come calling, my lord.