Friday, March 6, 2009

Waltz with me, Willie,
Let's twirl and swirl.
Maybe, you'll forget Millie,
And I'll be your girl.
Let's dance the Vienna,
Or even the Tennessee,
We'll dance through dinner,
And the drinks are on me.
Look in my eyes and sigh.
Tell me you love me, silly ,
And I'll know you lie.
So, waltz with me, Willie!
Count Sneaky


A young man named Sealyham,

Filled his balloon with helium,

Caught a breeze,

Stifiled a sneeze,

And said,"I'm off to New Zelium!"

Count Sneaky


There was a maiden named Thalia,

Who despised failure.

Beautiful and chaste,

She refused to marry in haste,

Until offered Queen's regalia.

Count Sneaky


A new planet, named Simoneades, was discovered last week by astronomers in California. How it got to California is not known.


A man was finally found after a nationwide search for a male who refuses to take charge of his tv's remote control.


TIP OF THE WEEK: You can put new wine in old bottles. Who's going to know, or mention it?



Jenalyn said...

Hi Count Sneaky! I replied to your comment awhile ago. Just check it out.

How can I follow your blog? I can't find the button for that.


Zen said...

Is it a poem??