Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't fret, don't fuss, don't even cuss.
Your house is big enough for both of us!
I know its your domicile,
But it's only for a while.
Until she gets over her hissy fit,
You and I, Pal, will just sit.
When you get thrown out the door,
It's nice to own a big Labrador.
So, move over, Rover.
Move over, Friend!
Tomorrow, we will be back in the den
Count Sneaky


Sandi McBride said...

I loved this!!! What a poet you are...hoping you are doing well, BatGirl the Calico sends her warmest regards!

Lee said...

My goodness, milord Count! While delighted that you visit, I always am, I'm distressed that you need to visit the hospital for such a serious procedure. I hope the outcome is good and I shall encourage the Lord to give your surgeon careful and steady hands and yourself a rapidly healing body and peaceful soul. Please tell Strutz that he needs to stay home with you for awhile and keep you company while you are abed. I'm sure he'll agree with me that few things exceed the success of a warm and purring cat at providing comfort.

Best regards! & Good health!

Pinhole said...

Good luck with your procedure. Hoping you'll be "back in the den" very soon.

alantru said...

Marvelous, Count!

VE said...

It's like the old joke...lock your wife in the car trunk with your dog and then open it up 10 minutes later. Then you'll see which is your best friend...

dave hambidge said...

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Best wishes


Kim said...

Hello Uncle Count. Here's hoping you'll be feeling better this week and up to reading your blog comments, if not writing a new post. We're a patient bunch of readers and know that the better you feel, the funnier you'll be. So take it slow and listen to your surgeon, your son, your physical therapist, your cat- the Strutz, and above all your wife- my Aunt!

LLnL said...

I'm having a hard time believing that so much talent can come form one person. really fun and witty writing.