Friday, June 26, 2009


When I hear life is a "Journey" one more time...

I'm going to demand I see your ticket!


My inner voice is bringing out my need for

a hearing aid.


Life is like, "I just can't believe I did that!"


I never quiet rise to the occasion when I

can crawl under it.


When my coat-of-arms dropped off the wall,

I was crest-fallen.


I wasn't born yesterday...I was born in the last century


My family sold me to some gypsies when I was three.

It worked until they demanded a refund.


Count Sneaky


Fran Hill said...

Very good. I like these sayings. Coat-of-arms ... crest-fallen. Good one.

Sandi McBride said...

Love make me laugh...out loud! Hope you are doing well, but then I'm sure you are because you are!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh... I like these kinds of sayings. They're funny and wise (in a perverse kinda way).

Count, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Kreativ Blogger Award recently, and that part of the conditions for this honour is to nominate other bloggers for said award who are doing wonderful, creative work on the World Wide Web. I hope you won't object, but I would like to nominate you and your blog. You have a dry sense of humour that is not only right up my alley, but also stands out from all the other blogs out there.

If you would like more details about this award, then please feel free to visit:


Thanks heaps for the laughs and gentle prodding of the inquisitive side of my brain, Count. Please don't stop.