Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi Count. I'm sending along a picture of my new home. I'm
somewhere in Indiana in a rather medium-sized city.
My big rig trucker buddy stopped at "Big Phil's" Truck
Haven, and I liked what I saw here. I hated to leave my trucker
buddy because I had ridden shotgun with him for weeks looking
for I found here. I had listened to all his stories, all his women
problems,and anything that crossed his mind from cussing
other drivers to singing along with his country music CDs.
He fed me well and scratched my head...he was my "buddy"
and I hated to leave him and "Madelaine," his big-rig truck's
name, but I saw these houses on the hill a few blocks away.
My trucker buddy had just ordered his meal and I was sitting
on the restaurant's window waiting on him. So, I took off to
check out the houses and after a quick run I was there. Wow!
The Jackpot! Details to follow.

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