Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Do not mess with me! Do not touch me!
I'm recycling!"

"So, have a hissy fit!"

"It doesn't come in YOUR size!"

"Fill in the blank. Kiss my ____!"

"Your incompetence without arrogance
is refreshing!"

"What's on your mind...if you'll allow
the overstatement?"

"I'm only into this relationship
for the food and fireplace."

"If you're a few bricks short of a load...
Don't take the truck out of the brickyard!"

"Can you spell hemorrhoids, Mr. Rogers?"

...From the Diary of Strutz the Cat


The Paper Aproness said...


Were you or were you not, once known as Count Snucky? Never mind! It is neither here nor there.

On another pressing matter, your Mensanian postings continue to confound and confuse us and for this we offer our eternal bewilderment.

Your loyal niece,

The Paper Aproness

Lee said...

Good evening, Count Sneaky! Your hissy fitting feline bears a striking resemblance to my young Hooboo, a stray porch kitty who decided I was the one to feed him and told me so in no uncertain terms and tone.

I'm delighted that you enjoyed the tips and such that my friend provides. Can't imagine that your blog would need anything in the way of adjustments; it's nicely developing its very own flavor.